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With over 25 years of combined expertise, our team at Saber Consulting lives at the crossroads of people, processes, and problem solving. Whether you need support for a specific sticking point or an organization-wide transformation, our tailored advice is centered on your growth.

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At Saber Consulting, we believe in the power of people to build exceptional products. That’s why our consulting solutions go beyond product-centric recommendations alone. Ultimately, we guide you toward robust teams and seamless processes that drive transformative results.

Through our knowledge-based consulting, we empower you to:

Our multidisciplinary backgrounds touch every aspect of the team building and product development processes, putting innovative and time-tested strategies within reach.

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Our team at Saber Consulting delivers the insight you need to make more relevant and impactful decisions. As a result, our solutions lend way to dynamic strategies geared toward growth. Meet the leaders who will move your organization forward:

JT Archie

As a veteran tech lead with over 15 years of software engineering experience, JT understands the makings of user-oriented products firsthand. His cross-industry background includes projects at founder-only startups and global enterprises alike, including Facebook, Cloud Foundry, Pivotal Labs, and beyond. In turn, he understands the practices and team-building principles that yield world-class products.

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Katrina Bakas

Committed to the people behind every product, Katrina is a seasoned product and engineer leader who seeks out the unique strengths in every team member. Throughout the process, she maintains balance between the product, design, and engineering aspects of her projects. While her multifaceted work includes products at AWS CloudFront and VMware Observability, she finds a deep sense of purpose in guiding clients toward growth-oriented solutions.

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By combining our expertise, we bring a unique perspective to every idea, deliver feasible strategies, and help you build smooth-functioning teams.

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